halloween 2014

this year, we did something girly for my non-girly girl and did a princess theme. when i asked her who she wanted in her photos and she said roo. he has been her best friend and companion for more than 2 of her 3 1/2 years. they are virtually inseparable.

taking portraits of her mean so much to me. later, they will remind me of her personality at this time in her life.  and i know one day, they will mean a whole lot to her too. i can really see how fast she is growing up, in ways i don’t have time to explain (nor do you want me to).  i am just loving every moment with her.  we have the best conversations and i get lots of spontaneous hugs and i love yous. gonna milk that while i can. esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.0esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.1esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.4esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.3esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.5esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.7esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.8esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.9esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.10esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.13esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.14esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.15esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.16esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.17esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.19