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hi everyone! thank you for stopping by! esperanzajenn photography is now jennphatiphong photography. you can see my current work on my new blog. also, follow me this new adventure on facebook and instagram!


halloween 2014

this year, we did something girly for my non-girly girl and did a princess theme. when i asked her who she wanted in her photos and she said roo. he has been her best friend and companion for more than 2 of her 3 1/2 years. they are virtually inseparable.

taking portraits of her mean so much to me. later, they will remind me of her personality at this time in her life.  and i know one day, they will mean a whole lot to her too. i can really see how fast she is growing up, in ways i don’t have time to explain (nor do you want me to).  i am just loving every moment with her.  we have the best conversations and i get lots of spontaneous hugs and i love yous. gonna milk that while i can. esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.0esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.1esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.4esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.3esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.5esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.7esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.8esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.9esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.10esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.13esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.14esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.15esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.16esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.17esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.19

charlie’s 3rd birthday party

planning and executing a party for your kid is a lot of work! duh, right? i had a vision of what i wanted for my daughter’s third birthday party months before i even started doing anything. it was fun daydreaming at first, but then reality set in and i realized that all that i wanted was going to cost a ton of money or near impossible for me to take on alone. in the end, i did a little compromising and pulled off lots of d.i.y. ideas (thanks to pinterest) and it turned out just fine. but it was definitely a labor of love. hats off to all the folks who do event/party planning! …and this was only a toddler party! :D

anyway, here are the highlights from charlie’s party in late april.