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charlie’s 3rd birthday party

planning and executing a party for your kid is a lot of work! duh, right? i had a vision of what i wanted for my daughter’s third birthday party months before i even started doing anything. it was fun daydreaming at first, but then reality set in and i realized that all that i wanted was going to cost a ton of money or near impossible for me to take on alone. in the end, i did a little compromising and pulled off lots of d.i.y. ideas (thanks to pinterest) and it turned out just fine. but it was definitely a labor of love. hats off to all the folks who do event/party planning! …and this was only a toddler party! :D

anyway, here are the highlights from charlie’s party in late april.


a tea party birthday session

as my daughter becomes another year older, i’m learning to dwell less on wanting her to remain a baby. not because i don’t miss her being the adorable baby she was (i totally do!), but because there is so much more to our relationship now. i feel like she really understands that i love her. not just the you’re-so-cute-i-love-you kind of love, but the kind that involves respect, understanding, reciprocated affection, conversation, and lots of quality time together. these days, i daydream about doing girly things with her in the near future.

anyhow, i’ve been dreaming of a little tea party for charlie for a while now. but until now, she was just too young to really enjoy a real one. i was so thrilled when my photographer friend sarah k. chen agreed to let her daughters be part of this! i knew charlie was going to love them and it was an excuse to see those sweet faces again. as you can see, the girls had a great time! ;o)