halloween 2014

this year, we did something girly for my non-girly girl and did a princess theme. when i asked her who she wanted in her photos and she said roo. he has been her best friend and companion for more than 2 of her 3 1/2 years. they are virtually inseparable.

taking portraits of her mean so much to me. later, they will remind me of her personality at this time in her life.  and i know one day, they will mean a whole lot to her too. i can really see how fast she is growing up, in ways i don’t have time to explain (nor do you want me to).  i am just loving every moment with her.  we have the best conversations and i get lots of spontaneous hugs and i love yous. gonna milk that while i can. esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.0esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.1esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.4esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.3esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.5esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.7esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.8esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.9esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.10esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.13esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.14esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.15esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.16esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.17esperanzajenn.halloween.2014.19


the little family

i first met erica at my daughter’s school. her adorable daughter is charlie’s friend and i have often seen them play together. they even talk about each other when they are at home, i learned. erica is such a beauty and i was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph her and her family. her two children are just darling, and her husband…well, you’ll see. they are such a beautiful bunch! this family is a photographer’s dream ~ so fun and natural in front of the camera, you’d would think they were models. anyway, i had a blast capturing their family. i don’t recall directing them at all, really. i just remember a lot of kissing and laughing. and oh, we had a little dance party in the middle of an open field. check them out…so adorable!


los angeles/orange county fall mini sessions

yes, it’s here! fall is only a few days away and i am running a special that i couldn’t wait to share! believe me, i have been waiting very patiently. ;)

so here it is:

refer a friend and book your mini session by september 15th and you and your friend will receive the entire set of images from your mini session! my normal mini session already gives you 12 of your best images to use for holiday cards and prints for your walls. but this bonus will give you enough for a little album! this is a great opportunity and space is limited, so don’t miss out!

some terms and conditions apply. please email me for details!