los angeles newborn photographer – baby sophia

i always get a little giddy when i get to photograph a newborn. i love this time so much, but it passes so quickly! as a photographer, i get to take a little stroll down memory lane and experience the excitement with the baby’s parents. how great is that? i had the privilege of photographing chris and viviana’s maternity session and couldn’t wait for their little girl to arrive. well…she is finally here! not only is she a sweetheart, but she’s a dream to photograph because she slept almost the entire three hours that i was there! without further ado, please welcome sophia! congrats, chris and viviana! what a beautiful journey you have ahead of you! i am so excited for you both! esperanzajenn.newborn.1esperanzajenn.newborn.2esperanzajenn.newborn.3esperanzajenn.newborn.4esperanzajenn.newborn.5esperanzajenn.newborn.6esperanzajenn.newborn.8esperanzajenn.newborn.9esperanzajenn.newborn.10esperanzajenn.newborn.7 esperanzajenn.newborn.11esperanzajenn.newborn.12esperanzajenn.newborn.13esperanzajenn.newborn.14esperanzajenn.newborn.15esperanzajenn.newborn.16esperanzajenn.newborn.17esperanzajenn.newborn.18


los angeles family photographer

chad and my husband pramin have been good friends for a very long time, and i was delighted to meet the rest of his family a few years ago. i have also been fortunate to be their photographer in these last years and get to see their family grow. they now have three amazing children and you can see their personalities shine through in their pictures. something i love so much about them is their ease, and how they are just able to be relaxed and be themselves in front of the camera. i can tell they are a family that loves to be photographed because as i walk through their home, i see images of their lives everywhere! its such a privilege to get to photograph such sweet moments in their lives…

this session was taken near their youngest daughters first birthday, so you will see a few extra shots of her. isnt she gorgeous? i just love the one of her playing with daddy!blairfamily38blairfamily41blairfamily46blairfamily47blairfamily54blairfamily55blairfamily60blairfamily61blairfamily57i couldnt resist sharing this one! real life, right? :)


los angeles family photographer

this is one of those families you love to work with..so sweet and full of love. when i was contacted by miny to do a session for her daughters first birthday, i was thrilled. throughout our correspondence leading up to the session, she was so gracious and kind and i knew i was going to love working with them. i was so excited to meet little abby the day of our session. and what a doll she was! she was super sweet and easy-going…a photographers dream! but above all that, i can see her parents gentle and sweet nature in her. what a beautiful and loving family they are! needless to say, we had a great time! here are a few of my favorites from our session! kim.family16kim.family19kim.family22kim.family23kim.family24kim.family6kim.family8kim.family28kim.family31kim.family32kim.family36kim.family37kim.family38kim.family42kim.family45kim.family46kim.family49kim.family51